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Revisão em 10h59min de 9 de maio de 2017 por Downdx (Discussão | contribs) (General changes)
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Island quests are available on islands with farming villages. These quests allow you to tackle challenges that scale with your progress in the game, rewarding you with valuable items and enabling you to obtain coins of war and wisdom, which can be used to level up heroes.

From March to May 2017 this system was reworked in order to keep these quests attractive for players in all game stages.

Sumário de Mudanças

The main goal of the island quest rework was to scale island quests better with player progression, to make quests more challenging and rewards more valuable. Additional focus was put on removing some inconveniences and blockers, as well as improving the overall layout of the feature to make it more understandable and convenient.


The changes were implemented in several iterations, to allow for testing and changes after player feedback. Some iterations were only available for beta testing while others were also implemented on live worlds.

First iteration

With the first iteration, the use of mythical units for quests asking to dispatch troops was enabled, calculation for coins of war and wisdom were changed to take world speed into consideration and unit reinforcement effects were adjusted to allow for better scaling.

Additional adjustments were made to the way the difficulty of each quest is determined. Only the biggest city on an island is taken into account so that newly founded cities won't result in easy quests and hence less valuable rewards.

Second iteration

For the second iteration, island quest difficulty calculations were changed to be determined by game progression. The goal was to achieve a better scaling of quests and rewards. From 250,000 points onward, new challenges and better rewards are offered.

Furthermore several in-game rewards were adjusted to allow for better balancing, e.g. with resource bonuses regaining value in later game phases. A special focus was put on island quest rewards to ensure that their value remains similar across all reward types, to not push players to only finish certain quests and drop others.

Third iteration

In the third iteration, the algorithm that defines when and how often island quests appear was adjusted to enable everyone who was absent for longer periods of time to start working on island quests soon after their return to the game.

Fourth iteration

In the fourth iteration, feedback was considered and several bonus effects became non-stackable after these effects became too powerful when activating several at the same time.

Fifth iteration

With the fifth iteration, quests will be moved to appear inside the regular quest log. This change enables everyone to see all island quests at a glance, instead of being required to check the city overview for new available quests.

Comparison Chart

The list of individual changes to items, calculations and effects is exhaustive. The following list should give you an overview about the most important changes.

Característica Antigo Sistema Novo Sistema
Quest objective: Rally Troops No mythical units can be sent.

Objective asks for a certain amount of troops to be dispatched.

Mythical units can be sent.

Objective asks for troops equivalent to population amount to be dispatched.

Difficulty calculation for Island Quests Average points accumulated with all cities on an island are used to determine difficulty. Points accumulated with farthest progressed city on an island is used to determine difficulty.
Possible difficulty levels for quests 18 24
Game progression levels 3 4
Quest appearance intervals 2, 4 or 8 hours

Dependent on game progression level.

2, 4, 8 or 12 hours

Dependent on game progression level.

Quests after more than 24 hours of absence Appeared only after set interval. At least one quest available after login.
Maximum amount of quests present at the same time 10 6
Maximum amount of quests accepted at the same time 4 3
Areas to determine available island quests City overview & island City overview, island & quest log

Mudanças Gerais

Some item changes affect rewards that are available in several areas of the game, not only within the island quest system.


The following items had their values adjusted when given through in-game events and island quests. This does not affect items obtained via promotions or shop offers. Furthermore there are different calculations for coin rewars earned through island quests.

Item Sistema Antigo Novo Sistema
Instant favor.png Multiplier: Item level Multipliers: Item level, game progression
Unit movement boost.png Duration: 30 minutes per item level Duration: 60 minutes per item level
Currency coins of wisdom.png Currency coins of war.png Currency coins of both.png Multiplier: Item level Multipliers: Item level, world speed
Instant resources wood.png Instant resources stone.png Instant resources iron.png Instant resources all.png Multipliers: Item level, world speed Multipliers: Item level,

world speed, game progression

Resource boost wood.png Resource boost stone.png Resource boost iron.png Resource boost all.png 50% per effect 250% per item level

Cálculos de reforço da unidade

Base values of some Unit Reinforcement effects were increased in order to keep them balanced throughout all progression levels and gained unit amounts close to previously known numbers.

Item Valor Base (Antigo) Valor Base (Novo)
Unit training boost slinger.png 4 6
Unit training boost hoplite.png 4 5
Unit training boost archer.png 4 6
Unit training boost sword.png 4 6

Os valores dos efeitos de reforço para unidades são determinados da seguinte forma: valor base velocidade do mundo factor de progressão do jogo .

Difficulty Levels and Rewards

The main focus of the island quest rebalancing was to make sure that quests remain equally challenging and rewarding throughout all levels. Therefore a big portion of changes was made in regards to difficulty levels and rewards.

Quest difficulty

Quest difficulty is determined by game progression level and progression of the biggest city on an island.

Game progression level Points acquired (old) Points acquired (new)
1 <10,000 <10,000
2 10,000-49,999 10,000-49,999
3 >50,000 50,000-249,999
4 Não disponível >250,000

Previously there were only 3 progression levels in place. This amount has now been increased to 4. Additionally a 10th challenge factor was added that is used to better determine the rewards for each quest.

Furthermore the required city points for each level have been adjusted to no longer take the average amount of points across all cities on an island into consideration. Just the biggest city on each island is used to determine the challenge factor for quests on that island.

Quest challenge factor Average points (old) Biggest city points (new)
1 <300 <750
2 300-500 750-1499
3 501-800 1500-2499
4 801-1500 2500-3999
5 1501-2750 4000-5499
6 2751-5000 5500-7499
7 5001-7500 7500-9499
8 7501-11000 9500-11999
9 >11000 12000-14999
10 not available >14999

Quest difficulty is calculated with the following formula: game progression level * quest challenge factor.

Island Quest Reward Changes

All rewards should be equally valuable across all game stages to prevent cherry-picking of quests.

The following table shows old and new reward types and their effects for comparison.

Tipo de Recompensa Recompensa (Antiga) Recompensa (Nova)
Coins of Wisdom/War Item Coins of Wisdom/War

Currency coins of wisdom.png Currency coins of war.png

Coins of Wisdom/War
Currency coins of wisdom.png Currency coins of war.png
Effect  Amount does not scale with world speed.
Amount scales with world speed.
(Maximum multiplier: 4)
Improved Resource Production Item Improved Resource Production
Resource boost wood.png Resource boost stone.png Resource boost iron.png
Improved Resource Production
Resource boost wood.png Resource boost stone.png Resource boost iron.png
Efeito Production increased by 50% per effect. Production increased by 250% per item level.
Tempo de Construção reduzido Item Construção Acelerada
Building order boost.png
Arquitetura Eficiente (rara, épica)

Rare building order boost.png Epic building order boost.png

Efeito 30% reduction in construction time.
Affects construction processes started after activation.
25%/50% reduction for construction time.
Affects construction processes currently running or initiated during effect duration.
Tempo de Recrutamento Reduzido Item Recrutamento Acelerado
Unit order boost.png
Tempo de Recrutamento Reduzido (raro, épico)
Rare unit order boost.png Epic unit order boost.png
Efeito 30% reduction in recruitment time.
Affects recruitment processes started after activation.
25%/50% reduction for recruitment time.
Affects recruitment processes currently running or initiated during effect duration.
Ataque Melhorado Item Ataque Melhorado
Attack boost.png
Ataque Melhorado (raro, épico)
Rare attack boost.png Epic attack boost.png
Efeito 10% bonus on attack power. 10/20% bonus on attack power.
Defesa melhorada Item Defesa melhorada
Defense boost.png
Defesa melhorada (rara, épica)
Rare defense boost.png Epic defense boost.png
Efeito 5% bonus on defensive power. 5%/10% bonus on defensive power.
Lealdade Forçada Item Lealdade Forçada
Forced loyalty.png
Efeito Disponível No longer exist
(no use with Battle point villages)

Any of the shown effects with rare or epic versions can no longer be stacked with their regular counterparts. Upon activation of a more powerful effect (normal < rare < epic) players are prompted to confirm that the existing effect will be overridden with a more powerful one.

Apart from the effects shown, this also applies to select other effects that cannot be obtained through island quests: Heightened Senses and Divine senses, Improved resource production (rare, epic) and Improved favor production (rare, epic).

Outros Ajustes

Along with the aforementioned changes to difficulty levels and rewards, additional adjustments have been made to the user interface, some of the quest objectives and specifically the negative effects that can be activated as quest objectives.

Objetivo da Aventura

The following objectives for agressive and peaceful paths have been adjusted:

Objetivos Área de mudança Antigo Novo
Rally Troops Unit types to dispatch Regular units Regular units, mythical units
Number of required units Fixed number of units Fixed population number
Unidades atacantes Number of units to defeat Fixed value (by difficulty) Depending on world speed (Speed^0.8)
Loot distribution First player to attack receives most loot Same loot distribution for all players
Defending against units Number of units to defend against Fixed value (by difficulty) Depending on world speed (Speed^0.8)
Espera Time to pass 5 minutos - 9 horas 4-16 horas

Tasks asking players to bear a negative effect have been adjusted to have more of an impact for resource productions and less of an impact on attack and defenses.

Efeitos Negativos Valores Antigos Novos Valores
Wood production penalty.png -10% -50%
Stone production penalty.png -10% -50%
Iron production penalty.png -10% -50%
Attack penalty.png -30% -20%
Defense penalty.png -30% -10%

Furthermore it is no longer possible to have the following quest objectives appear within the same quest: Attack and Rally Troops. This is to ensure that cities focused on the recruitment of ships always have at least one option to choose for an island quests. Attack and defense objectives are still possible at the same time as defense can be mastered by sending supporting units from other islands.

Quest Appearance & Limits

The cooldown times of island quests have been adjusted. Depending on your progression in the game, a new island quest may appear every 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours. Furthermore mechanics have been adjusted so that there is always at least 1 quest available if you have been absent for more than 24 hours.

The maximum amount of available island quests has been reduced from 10 to 6. Additionally only 3 island quests can be accepted at a time, instead of 4.

Aspeto gráfico

As missões da ilha serão apresentadas no registro das missões, tornando-as disponíveis num instante.

Iq ui placeholder.png

Consequentemente, as missões abertas não são mais apresentadas no lado direito da janela do jogo.